651 Lab is a full-service advertising agency that specializes in helping challenger brands disrupt their industry with bold out-of- the-box ideas. We know challenger brands because we are a challenger brand, and the status quo just isn’t good enough. Our goal is to flip our client’s industries ON THEIR HEADS.

What Makes 651 Lab Different

651 Lab Specializes In Challenger Brands

With proven practices and a unique approach to marketing strategy, we help brands to boldly challenge industry leaders and effectively engage with their target audiences.

Non-Commissioned Billing

Typical agency models charge a commission for advertising placements. We don’t do that. We operate on a flat-fee basis because our focus in on the result, which means finding the most cost effective platforms that generate maximum awareness. Why? Because at the end of the day we’d rather be there when you’re the brand being challenged, and that means partnership before profit.

651 Lab Specializes In Sponsorships

Sponsorships are one of the most challenging marketing assets to evaluate and buy due to so many moving parts. We know sponsorships because we live in that world.  From professional sports teams to high profile events and more.  A media plan can only do so much if it doesn’t connect with people on a personal and emotional level.  If we can attach your brand to a milestone and help make a memory, then we’ve done our job.

PropScore Marketing and Sponsorship Evaluation

651 Lab developed PropScore, a world-class proposal evaluation tool to assess how each asset aligns with its client’s business and marketing objectives. PropScore allows companies to easily understand what platforms align with their goals and target markets. Each report includes an impression breakdown, pros and cons list, recommendations, and a custom PropScore rating based on the assessment of each platform’s offerings.

ROI Tracking

Every dollar is vital when you’re a challenger brand. We know that. That’s why we put so much emphasis on evaluating the return for each dollar spent.  A typical ROI analysis only shows you an estimated number of impressions or people reached. Not here. We track those impressions from calls to appointments, conversions and ultimately revenue.  That’s why we know it works.

Dream Big

Our core mission is to help and inspire people to live boldly and reach for their dreams. We donate time, money, and tools to help achieve their bold dreams.

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